Yesterday President Biden, members of his administration and many other Democrats did one of the most shameless and insulting things in modern political history: They hosted a “celebration” of the fact that it was one month since Biden signed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act into law — all while the inflation rate ticked up and the stock market plunged as a result.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was one of the main gaslighters at the ridiculous event for what she called “a life-changing act” (hey, no argument here):

Later on, Pelosi had her own version of Jeb Bush’s “please clap” moment when she had to remind the gathered lefties when she’d concluded an applause line:

D’OH! Maybe those in attendance were too busy checking their phones and watching their 401Ks take a dive to be able to offer an immediate round of applause.

That’s Nancy Pelosi!

“Glorious leadership”? LOL. Even the Dems in attendance knew Pelosi was overdoing it just a bit.

It’s incredibly hard to believe.



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