If the Democrats lose control of the House, Senate or both following the November midterm elections, there’s little doubt that questioning the results of elections will temporarily become something that is not a “threat to democracy.” Until then the media focus continues to be on Trump and the 2020 election, and CBS News journo Major Garrett, who has a book coming out on the subject, shared a related story from NPR:

Via NPR:

“The 2020 election was stolen,” say the MAGA candidates who wear Trump’s favor, adding, “You know it and I know it.” That statement of assurance is usually the only proof offered. And the crowd at the rally roars back its affirmation.

The “you know it and I know it” mantra is also available in a variety of display formats. You can go on Amazon today and order it on a package of 10 waterproof vinyl car decals, or go elsewhere for it on a doormat or on a polyester flag measuring 15 square feet.

From the standpoint of a fact-checker, there is no evidence of fraud sufficient to support that claim. After nearly two years of recounts, ballot reviews, expert examinations and court cases, that remains the bottom line. The 2020 election has been scrubbed and studied as none other in U.S. history, and the consensus conclusion remains that it was run more smoothly and counted more reliably than ever.

So why do Trump’s people continue to deny the outcomes, and why do crowds cheer?

The story says that Trump’s claims “have eroded confidence in the system,” but that doesn’t seem to happen when Democrats are the ones making similar claims.

Why yes… yes she does!

Even Biden chief of staff Ron Klain has done the “threat to democracy” thing:

The NPR story, while focusing mostly on Trump and the 2020 election, goes into a few claims of election fraud in U.S. history but for some reason skips more recent examples.

“Journalists” don’t seem to be accusing any of these people of pushing a “big lie”:

Nope, no “threat to democracy” there — move along people!



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