Proponents of the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that President Biden signed last month say it will save the world from a fiery demise due to climate change. The IRA Biden signed also provides about $80 billion to the Internal Revenue Service for hiring tens of thousands of new agents, and maybe one of them can look into something “insane” that Sen. Ted Cruz spotted:

Another day brings with it a fresh example of insanity:

Via the Washington Examiner:

Over 1.1 million COVID-19 stimulus checks, totaling over $1.3 billion, were sent out to incarcerated people across the United States, data from the Internal Revenue Service revealed.

The $1.3 billion figure includes economic impact payments and does not account for recovery rebate credits, another form of COVID-19 relief given during the pandemic, according to a letter the IRS sent to Rep. Don Bacon (R-NE) obtained by the Washington Examiner. Some 163,000 recipients were serving life sentences.
Of the checks doled out, 156,000 were sent to prisoners at the federal level and 982,000 to prisoners at the state level, per the IRS. Stimulus money was given to prisoners via checks, direct deposits, and debit cards.

Your tax dollars at work.

Narrator: But the Democrats were not ashamed.



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