President Biden’s speech in Philadelphia last night featured plenty of warnings about “MAGA Republicans” being a “threat to democracy” (by that of course Biden means “threat to Democrat control”). The speech and accompanying optics were nothing short of chilling:

You no doubt also noticed the two U.S. Marines in the background:

Back in 2020 Biden said that’s something he would never do:

Joe Biden said on Saturday that as president, he would never use the military “as a prop or private militia” and accused President Donald Trump of employing U.S. forces to settle “personal vendettas” and violate citizens’ rights.

On the topic of the Unity President’s use of the Marines as a backdrop while he slammed tens of millions of Americans as “threats to democracy,” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has some thoughts in a thread:

How’s everybody liking the return to norms?

We’re sure the DC media is busy digging into this to see if Biden violated any policies. Or maybe not.



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