As you no doubt know by now, incumbent Republican Rep. Liz Cheney got absolutely trounced in yesterday’s Wyoming primary.

Look at these numbers:

Also keep in mind that Cheney got thousands of Democrat votes. For an incumbent, that was a blowout of epic and almost historic fashion, and it was all brought on by Cheney’s participation in the Democrats’ January 6th Commission theatrics (ironically, the members of that committee always clamor on about saving “democracy” while putting on a one-sided show trial).

In any case, even though Cheney got wiped out, George Conway says that she emerged victorious in one area:

Excuse me, but HAHAHAHAHAHA!

And coming up, Cheney’s going to put all those Principles™ on display with her next move.


Watching these people try to turn Cheney’s blowout primary loss into some sort of huge win for other reasons has been nothing short of pitifully hilarious.



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