In just over two weeks voters in Rep. Liz Cheney’s district will decide if she gets to keep her job (and position on the January 6th Commission) or if her Republican primary opponent will move on to the midterm election in November. Judging from polls it’s not looking good for Cheney’s chances of holding onto her congressional seat, but just to get a gauge on voter sentiment, CNN interviewed some people in Wyoming:

The Cheney campaign won’t be promoting this video, that’s for sure.

It seems that Cheney’s in trouble at least in part because too many Republicans see the January 6th Commission for what it really is about.

In fairness, CNN did find one Liz Cheney supporter in Wyoming:

It’s also been noted recently that much of Cheney’s fundraising comes from outside her state:

Mollie Hemingway pointed that out the other day with some assistance from the Los Angeles Times:

Perhaps Cheney can save some of those donations for her presidential campaign.



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