Jill Biden’s speech at a “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon” in San Antonio earlier this week contained so much cringe that an apology was later issued:

An op-ed at MSNBC is attempting to eliminate some of the pouncing took the “it was bad, BUT” approach:

First of all, “gaffe”?

The words were part of FLOTUS’ speech and certainly weren’t gaffes.


The “but…” part starts immediately in the first paragraph of this op-ed:

Now that first lady Jill Biden has apologized for saying that Latinos are as “unique” as breakfast tacos, it’s time to pause from the latest manufactured right-wing outrage and examine why her comments, although slightly problematic, pale in comparison to years of even more dangerous rhetoric against a community still fighting back against lazy stereotypes.

Er, if it’s a “manufactured” controversy, what did Jill Biden’s office apologize for?

All that said, the Biden White House probably won’t like the tweet from MSNBC.



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