Earlier this week we told you about the announcement from Starbucks that they would be closing over a dozen locations due to “safety concerns” — in other words, those areas have become too dangerous:

Starbucks will close 16 U.S. stores, mostly on the West Coast, by the end of July because of safety concerns, according to the company. Most of the stores set to close are in the Los Angeles and Seattle metro areas.

“We’ve had to make the difficult decision to close some locations that have a particularly high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe for us to operate,” a Starbucks spokesperson told CNBC.

The map below shows the six stores in California and the six in Washington State that will close. The coffee chain will also close two stores in Portland, Oregon, one store in Philadelphia and another in Washington, D.C., also for safety.

And with that, Jesse Kelly has a self-awareness check for the Starbucks CEO and the woke people who run the company:

You can’t make this stuff up — mostly because you don’t have to.

The shot:

And the chaser:

If only there were some lessons to be gleaned from what’s happened in the last couple of years.




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