The Democrats have realized they are rapidly losing the support of Hispanics, and that’s part of the reason Jill Biden was dispatched to speak at a “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon.” Let’s just say the first lady’s pander-iffic speech backfired on Dems and her office ended up apologizing.

The Hill is now reporting that Republicans are taking advantage of the Left’s pandering and policy failures to “steal” Hispanic voters from the Dems:


Another way to frame the story would be “Democrats’ insane policies are driving away Hispanic voters” but that wasn’t in the cards here.

It won’t surprise you to know the Republicans are also seizing:

The GOP this week seized on a flub by Jill Biden comparing the Hispanic community to breakfast tacos, which the first lady has since apologized for, to help fuel Republicans’ argument that Democrats are not in touch with Hispanic voters.

Alvarez called the comment “disrespectful” and argued that it is “a window into how Democrats view Hispanics.” The Republican National Committee (RNC) started selling shirts that read “Not your breakfast taco.”

Jill Biden assisted in some of that “seizing.”

Wait for it!



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