Yesterday at the NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain, President Biden bashed the U.S. Supreme Court and said that Americans would be paying high gas prices for as long as it takes to defeat Russia, which is this administration’s scapegoat for many problems they helped either create or worsen. The “strategy” from the Biden White House is clear: Attempt to convince everybody that paying high prices for gas and groceries is patriotic and if you complain then you’re supporting Putin.

However, on CNN yesterday, Biden economic adviser Brian Deese let the cat out of the bag about what this administration’s energy policies are all about:

It’s always nice when they say the quiet part out loud.

It was only one year ago that this administration was bragging about how much money they saved Americans, and now this?


Since then prices have risen and the only things that have plummeted has been Biden’s approval rating and the stock market.

Yes, go with that, Dems!



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