Testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson to the January 6th Commission set lefty & anti-Trump Twitter on fire, but her statements are being disputed by people who were actually there on that day:

However, after Hutchinson’s testimony, the media immediately started reporting what was said without reminding readers that the “witness” didn’t actually witness anything firsthand:

However, a possible media pivot has been spotted:

An under oath “anecdote” that will no doubt still be pushed by the J6 committee as fact:

The J6 Committee contains proven liars such as Rep. Adam Schiff, so “anecdotes” and/or flat-out lies will be welcomed as long as they contribute to the desired narrative.

That kind of testimony would have never been allowed in any legal proceeding, but people running show trials have no such concerns because getting to the truth is not the goal.

But show trials always allow hearsay.

“Walls” unavailable for comment.

Right. The January 6th Commission’s target audience is people like this:

Narrator: People weren’t asking each other that even hours later.

Trump has called Hutchinson a “phony social climber who got caught.”



Oh honey, NO: Liz Cheney sharing David French piece claiming Cassidy Hutchinson made their case for prosecuting Trump stronger BACKFIRES

Media firefighters abandon Cassidy Hutchinson’s actual testimony in favor of Liz Cheney’s dramatic interpretation