Today brings with it yet another hearing of the House’s January 6th Commission. Last Thursday the Commission held a primetime hearing that received full coverage from many cable nets, which were joined by ABC, NBC and CBS (though their viewership was way down compared to regular programming). The Democrats and national media have placed incredible importance on January 6th, but voters’ concerns are elsewhere. Compare & contrast:

A “disconnect” indeed:


The things that are considered pressing issues in the DC bubble vary greatly from the concerns of average folks.

It’s increasingly likely the Democrats are going to find out what voters are actually concerned about, and they’re not going to enjoy the wake-up call.

The national media tends to live inside the same bubble as DC Dems and others.

So many in the media don’t view their jobs as actual “journalism” but rather to spend much of their time carrying water for the Democrats.

The Democrats’ (with the help from a couple of Republicans) certainly would like everybody to believe 1/6 is the top concern of Americans, and the media’s trying to help them give that impression.

That’s certainly another way to look at this!



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