ABC News tweets results of a recently-conducted ABC News/Ipsos poll finding that 83 percent of those surveyed classify the economy as an “extremely” or “very” important vote-determining issue in the upcoming Midterm Elections.

For countless reasons heretofore evidenced, poll results should more often than not be taken with a grain of skepticism and with a consciousness about the possibility of there being a greater statistical error in them (sometimes far off base) than a given survey’s stated margin of error. Political polls have been too wrong too often. An 83 percent figure about any issue, however, is not ignorable.

There have been many warnings about the failures of socialistic economic policies, such as taxation, regulation, and government spending to solve economic problems. Nevertheless, Democrats, who lecture about and implement such theory-based economic nonsense, continue to be elected.

Despite the left’s effort to make the campaign about anything and everything else, the policies of President Joe Biden and his administration, combined with decisions made by Democratic leadership controlling both houses of Congress, are on the ballot in November. That is how midterms work, and those held in 2022 will not be an exception.