Yesterday on the west coast, President Biden addressed the issue of inflation and let us know that “Putin’s price hike is hitting Americans hard.”

Yep, Biden and his administration are still peddling that excuse, in spite of pre-election promises to be a president that doesn’t deflect blame:

Ever since taking office all Biden’s done is blame others, and yesterday was no different.

So how’s this all playing out when it comes to Biden’s approval and disapproval? Nobody’s buying the excuses. As a matter of fact, the more excuses and blame deflection that come from Biden and the White House, the worse the numbers seem to get:

Look out below! Biden’s “incredible transition” is not getting rave reviews.

Unfortunately that’s very true.

It started at the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster and just kept on getting worse for Biden ever since.

According to Biden, the economy is doing great, it’s just that the White House has been unable to effectively communicate that to Americans.

Hearing Biden administration officials and other Democrats respond to record-high gas prices by saying “buy an electric car” is only going to increase the severity of the midterm wipeout for Dems.



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