Jen Psaki certainly had impeccable timing when she decided to grab a parachute and bail out of an administration that’s spiraling towards the ground (and unfortunately taking the economy with it unless somebody does something quick), but her replacement, Karine Jean-Pierre, is on the job and spinning as fast as possible. During yesterday’s White House briefing, Jean-Pierre stumbled several times while trying to provide flimsy excuses for the baby formula shortage, gas prices and inflation, which she claimed is not a crisis but has made it a “difficult time.”

Here’s another clip from that same briefing that’s very telling. Watch Jean-Pierre claim the Biden economic plan is working just fine “as we see it”:

Taking the claim that Biden’s economic plan is working as the White House sees it could lead us to draw a certain conclusion:

The White House might “see it,” but nobody else does:

Biden’s economic plan might be “working” as the White House sees it, but this is what almost everybody else sees:

That about sums up this entire administration.



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