Do you remember in 2020 when the fiery but mostly peaceful protests around the country unified people of every race and generation? Neither do we, but President Biden’s lucky to be living in an alternate reality. Perhaps Biden actually believes this because he spent most of 2020 in a basement in Wilmington:

Wait, seriously?

One more time:

“Two summers ago, in the middle of the pandemic, we saw protests across the nation the likes of which we hadn’t seen since the 1960’s. They unified people of every race and generation.”

At least it’s nice that Biden, in his own way, is claiming that the nation was more united when Trump was in the White House than they are now.

No they did not.

Biden insists that America is in the middle of the best economy in decades or more, so we don’t exactly rely on the president to make the most accurate of claims.

Ah yes, remember all that “unity”?



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