Earlier this month President Biden started using the term “ultra MAGA” (and other variations of that) to describe Republicans that the Democrats claim to be part of the Trump wing of the party. Jen Psaki claimed Biden came up with the term all on his own until it was reported the Democrats had focus grouped it for months (Psaki lied? No way!). Biden and the Dems are still attempting to make “ultra MAGA” a thing:

It probably won’t surprise you to know that the Dems are getting some media assistance in not only pushing “ultra MAGA,” but also insisting that it could cause some Republicans to vote Democrat in November:

This is just begging for a Ron Klain retweet:

It’s simply amazing how the media instinctively picks up on Democrat narratives and dutifully spreads them around.

So much “journalism.”

“Don’t Say Gay” is another great example of the media’s willingness to work as the DNC’s press office.

Imagine how bad the media hackery is going to be in October.

Biden and the Dems know they’ve created such a mess that they’re throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Many in the media are obviously happy to help.



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