A couple of days ago, soon-to-be-former White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that President Joe Biden came up with the term “ultra-MAGA” all by himself. Apparently, Biden’s strategy heading into the midterms is to label any Republican policy “ultra-MAGA” in order to tie the GOP to “the great MAGA king” himself, Donald Trump. Who is ultra-MAGA? Sen. Rick Scott “of Wisconsin” is ultra-MAGA. Is Sen. Mitt Romney an ultra-MAGA Republican? Psaki couldn’t say for sure.

Psaki is certainly backing up Biden in his quest to demonize the ultra-MAGA wing of the Republican Party, managing to slip ultra-MAGA and MAGA king into one answer during Thursday’s press briefing.

The “Build Back Better” Democrats have done a fine job destroying the economy and running up inflation to 40-year highs. Does the majority of the American population support inflation?

We guess “QAnon” didn’t stick.

Every time she or Biden says MAGA, we’re reminded of a time when inflation and gas prices were low, the border was under control, and Ukraine wasn’t being invaded. So keep saying it.