Joe Biden’s speech on inflation today is something else. Really. It’s in a league of its own.

Oh, there have been plenty of familiar specious claims, to be sure. But there have also been some unfamiliar ones.

For example, when he was talking about the fabled “ultra-MAGA agenda,” Joe Biden claimed that Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott represents Wisconsin:

Check it out:

Because of course Joe Biden thinks that.

You probably thought a lot of things before Joe Biden told you that you’ve been misinformed. Like, you probably thought that inflation wasn’t transitory, you big dummies. You probably thought that Joe Biden and Democrats’ economic policies would make it more difficult for you to buy gas and feed your family, you stupid rubes.

Joe Biden is always gonna level with you. It’ll be the basement level, but it’s still a level, technically.

The tip of the iceberg that Captain Joe Biden is currently steering our country toward.

“Ultra-MAGA” Rick Scott is trying to sound the alarm to avert disaster, and Joe Biden’s got his ears plugged.

The man has a problem, all right. The man named Joe Biden.

The jury’s still out on that. But we know he’s the president.

And man, is that depressing.