Heck, if all of the liberals on social media are going to refer to Donald Trump as “TFG” (the former guy), we’re going to start referring to him as the great MAGA king, which is how President Joe Biden refers to him. You might recall that blip on the radar when Biden pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, leaving behind billions in military hardware and who knows how many hundred Americans.

During his debate with Trump, candidate Biden said it was long past time to end our war in Afghanistan and instead focus on what was achievable: a narrow counterterrorism mission.

The New York Times reports Monday that Biden is planning to redeploy hundreds of U.S. ground forces to Somalia in what’s being called an “open-ended U.S. counterterrorism operation.” How open-ended? We suppose that’s a question better suited for whichever Republican is elected in 2024.

Can’t argue with counterterrorism.

Like this tweet?

Mark down this tweet as well: Our troops will only be involved in training and not combat: