Nikki Fried is running to be the next governor of Florida, and according to Real Clear Politics’ average Gov. Ron DeSantis has about a 13-point advantage over her at this point (and a 9-point advantage over the other Dem challenger, Charlie Crist). With that in mind, what’s Fried’s next step to close that gap? Gaslighting like crazy:

That’s like a tweet that was written for the bluest areas of New York and California, but unfortunately for Fried, she’s trying to get elected by voters who are in Florida. However, Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez has helped out and recommended a job that might be more up Fried’s alley:

LOL! Yes, there is a job opening. DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw loves the suggestion:

If Florida’s “less free,” why are so many moving there?

That’s apparently Fried’s purpose as well, so it’s a perfect match.



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