Keith Edwards, communications director for Nikki Fried, and The Lincoln Project have deleted some tweets where they shared a fake email allegedly from Gov. Ron DeSantis asking, “If I were to run for President will you support me?”:

Here’s the screenshot of the fake email going around that was shared by Nikki Fried herself:

And the text:

If I were to run for President will you support me?

The Democrats want nothing more than to see me lose in November.

In 2018 they underestimated me as I ran for Governor of Florida (AND
WON), but now, they have seen exactly how powerful the Keep Florida
Free movement is.

After Faucian decrees shuttered the American economy, forcing citizens to
be locked down and under heavy-handed mandates, Florida paved the
way for other states to reopen. Without the Sunshine State’s first step in
the right direction, who knows where we’d be

I have an uphill battle ahead of me because they aren’t just going to sit
back and let me win. They’re going to use every tool in their war chest
to take me down and do away with our freedom agenda.

There is no time to waste. I need you to take a stand with me.

We passed our maps getting 5 more GOP house seats to Remove Pelosi.

We removed our tax exemption on Big Tech and have told Disney they cannot Groom Our Kids!

A federal judge on Monday struck down the CDC’s requirement that all travelers wear masks on airplanes, buses, trains and other modes

The Lincoln Project, to its embarrassment, tagged Donald Trump Jr. in its attempt to make this news:

“Hey, @DonaldJTrumpJr, did you get Ron DeSantis’ latest email? You gonna support him for President?”

David Abrams, who is with the DeSantis campaign, quickly called them out but it took them a while to delete the tweets — of course:

The Lincoln Project even turned the fake email into a .Gif where they changed some of the text:

“.@GovRonDeSantis nice first draft, fixed it for you. Ps the answer is no ❤️”

Man, “[t]hey are so petrified of” Gov. DeSantis, aren’t they?

And we eagerly await Minister of Truth Nina Jankowicz to take action against these disinformation scoundrels: