As things currently stand, Nikki Fried doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating incumbent Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis. Her chances are arguably even worse than Charlie Crist’s.

But she’s gone too far now to call it quits, so she’s slamming her foot down on the gas and heading toward the cliff’s edge:

There has indeed been a chilling rise in antisemitism across the country. And it’s frequently found in Democrat-controlled cities and states. In other words, not where Ron DeSantis is.

He’s aligned with them? We’re gonna need to see the receipts on that. And pointing out that New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage reportedly told the Tikvah Fund to disinvite DeSantis from speaking at the Jewish Leadership Conference doesn’t count, because the museum also failed to give a legitimate explanation for that.

We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous hits on Ron DeSantis from Democrats, but suggesting he’s antisemitic or at least an apologist for antisemitism has got to be right up there.

It’s not just tired and lazy; it’s actually offensive.

Fried has presented exactly zero evidence to support her claim, but she’s pushing forward with the character assassination anyway.

Nikki Fried was literally there when Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law, and she’s sliming him as antisemitic. Because Nikki Fried is a garbage person.

And when her dreams of being governor are dashed and she has to crawl back underneath the rock she slithered out from, we’ll be there, relishing it all.

Good. Because nothing is all she’s worth.

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