As we told you earlier this week, incoming White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre was spotted as having some previous tweets that would sound insurrection-y and constitute grave threats to “democracy” by Democrat standards, but only when a Republican is making “stolen election” claims. When a Democrat does it, that’s totally fine:

That particular tweet from was April of 2020. Maybe Peter Doocy could ask Jean-Pierre about that when she takes over as Biden’s press secretary. Here’s another doozy from 2016:

Stephen L. Miller spotted another from Jean-Pierre:

As Millar also pointed out, for some reason that kind of talk doesn’t sound so insurrection-y to the lefty media:

The media go out of their way every single day to destroy any remaining credibility they have (if there’s anything remaining at this point).

Does the media really think nobody sees what’s going on here? Incredible.



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