Earlier this week MSNBC-bound White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about a map showing the locations of conservative Supreme Court justices’ homes — you know, just in case somebody would want to protest there (nudge nudge). Psaki replied that the White House has no official position on that and wouldn’t encourage or discourage that kind of behavior.

Those who do decide to be incredibly creepy by protesting at the homes of SCOTUS conservatives are now being taught the lesson that if they do that, they risk having friendly profiles written about them in the Washington Post:

The Post seems to be hoping more join the protest party:

One thing’s for sure:

The number of people in the replies to the Post’s tweets justifying this because they claim Kavanaugh is trying to get rid of “constitutional rights” by banning abortion is astounding (though not surprising since Dems and the media aren’t explaining the reality of the situation).

What could possibly go wrong?

This behavior should have been condemned by the White House but they weren’t about to go there and anger their most cherished pro-abort base.



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