The Biden administration’s reckless disregard for border security comes with real and very tragic consequences, and here’s the latest example of that:

Horrible. The fact that the border is a disaster by design makes stories like that even more maddening.

Katie Pavlich can’t help but notice that Biden is staying very quiet about this story:

Jen Psaki was asked about it at today’s briefing, but nothing from Biden:

The Biden administration and the Democrats can’t get any kind of “whipping migrants” narrative out of this so they likely won’t have any comment. We wouldn’t expect any statement to come directly from Biden (unless they can figure out a way to blame it on Republicans).

Sadly, Fox News’ Bill Melugin has reported that a body has been recovered:

It’s tragic and never should have happened. Can somebody at least ask Kamala Harris about it? After all, she’s supposedly in charge of the situation at the border even though she has yet to actually go there.



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