As we told you earlier, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that they’d be pulling the plug on CNN’s premium service, CNN+, which just launched a few weeks ago. What a colossal (and expensive) failure:

CNN reported on the demise of CNN+ this way:

CNN+, the streaming service that was hyped as one of the most significant developments in the history of CNN, will shut down on April 30, just one month after it launched.

CNN+ customers “will receive prorated refunds of subscription fees,” the company said.

The decision was made by new management after CNN’s former parent company, WarnerMedia, merged with Discovery to form Warner Bros. Discovery earlier this month.

The prior management team’s vision for CNN+ runs counter to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s plan to house all of the company’s brands under one streaming service. Some CNN+ programming may eventually live on through that service. Other programming will shift to CNN’s main television network.

Meanwhile, what would be more perfect than CNN covering that story in the most CNN way possible?

LOL! Oh, CNN, thanks so much for inspiring another tsunami of mockery.




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