Inflation along with gas prices are the main issues of concern for most Americans, which is why the Biden administration’s tactic to deflect blame is to constantly refer to the collective increases as “Putin’s price hike.”

The result? Nobody’s buying it, and even CNN couldn’t find any positives to spin in Biden’s favor in the most recent approval numbers:

CNN’s average puts Biden’s number lower than Trump’s at this point in his presidency, and keep in mind that’s with the media carrying Biden’s water as opposed to what they were doing to Trump, which was to shamelessly lie and mislead to help forward Dem narratives.

“When you’ve lost CNN…”

At this point even 40 percent sounds way too high for Biden.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number is much lower than 40.

But according to the Biden administration, things have never been better in America. It’s almost like they’re lying.



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