The Biden State Department’s calls for international “inclusiveness” have been so inclusive that they’ve been asking the Taliban in Afghanistan to live up to their expectations. We can’t help but wonder if the Taliban will also be included in the State Dept’s Equity Action Plan that is currently in our “having solved all other problems” file:

Really? Oh well, at least we’re getting to hear about something other than his Spotify playlist.

Others at the State Dept. joined Blinken in promoting the new initiative, and it’s administration-wide:


It’s been one year since President Biden’s promise of a “safe” Afghanistan withdrawal:

Rest assured “accountability” will not be a part of the State Department’s Equity Action Plan, nor will solving any other number of major problems:

Yep, we’re in the best of hands.

For some reason, we’re guessing the answer to that question is “absolutely!”



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