During White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s briefing today she presented some more dizzying spin. When asked about all the walk backs the White House has done for many of the things Joe Biden has said, Psaki claimed the president likes to “shoot from the shoulder.” In other words, Psaki tried to explain why the words of a president don’t always matter, in spite of what Biden claimed when he was running for office.

But the economy was also a topic of discussion, and Psaki again was rehearsing for her upcoming MSNBC gig with this doozy that only flies inside the bubble:

Oh, we’re seeing it, but Psaki just hopes her gaslighting will make people see something else. It isn’t.

And the White House would like everybody to believe all of that is due to “Putin’s Price Hikes™.”

They also really hope everybody’s stupid.

It should be legally required that Psaki can only claim that Biden’s “leading” on the economy if it’s accompanied by the most exaggerated finger quotes possible.



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