During the entire Covid pandemic few have been bigger fear-mongering fans of supposed “mitigation” measures such as lockdowns and constant masking than Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding. For example, one of Fiegl-Ding’s favorite attempted targets when it came to the spread of the virus was Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis. Whenever there was an inevitable surge in the Sunshine State, Feigl-Ding would blame it on the fact the state’s governor didn’t have mask mandates and shutdowns.

Fast forward a few months, and unfortunately the doctor has now joined others in catching the virus in spite of being so very careful:

Don’t forget that Trump got Covid too, so he has something in common with the former president as well!

We’re glad he’s feeling well, but Fiegl-Ding followed all the rules and contracted the virus nonetheless:

The whole thread speaks volumes, none of which are likely to ever be recognized by the person who wrote it:

In other words, not much can be done to keep from coming in contact with the virus. Even Dr. Leana Wen is admitting that these days.

Feigl-Ding might be most frustrated by not knowing where to report his test results:

Pretty much everybody’s gotten it, so at this point does it really matter?



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