The spread of the delta variant is going up in many states, but the Democrat and media (pardon the redundancy) focus will remain on Florida for obvious reasons, and the lies just won’t stop. Here’s Stephen King’s contribution to the preferred Democrat narrative:

Dr. Eric Fiegl-Ding, who has never seen a panic button he didn’t quickly push, hyperventilated over King’s tweet:

Where exactly are the social media “fact-checkers”?

Just one problem… as usual, a lefty’s claim about what’s happening in Florida is complete BS:

It’s not true but King’s helping feed the narrative and getting retweets by the thousands, and that’s what is important.

Yep, it’s because they’re all on the same team.

Probably because they’re on the Left and know they’ll be allowed to.

Interesting that the “follow the science” lefties seem to be some of the biggest liars of all.