Just how far gone is the field of “journalism”? On a national level it seems to be beyond redemption.

Mark Hemingway compares and contrasts two stories to provide an example:

The media, with the exception of the New York Post, not only sat on the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop but actively called it “Russian disinformation” and are only now just getting around to admitting that, yes, it’s a real story. Meanwhile, in the last few days, the lefty media was in a feeding frenzy over a report that there was a seven-hour gap in Trump’s phone records on 1/6/2021. A review of the records showed that there was no gap. “Journalists” simply ran with information Dems on the committee handed them. Another banner moment for “journalism.”

And we can’t forget Big Tech’s role in all this:

They were all in on it.



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