No big deal, just an arm of the communist Chinese govt. sending money DIRECTLY to Hunter Biden … you know, the president’s son.

Per Sen. Grassley and this receipt, there was no middle man.

One has to wonder if ‘the big guy’ got his 10% of this particular transaction.

Can you guys IMAGINE if this was a Trump child? They’d put Trump BACK in the Oval Office just so they could impeach him again. But you know, since it’s Joe’s kid, we’ve spent nearly two years hearing about how this is just Russian disinformation.

Or Q.

Or some other happy horsecrap.

The apologists on this tweet claiming, ‘BUT IVANKA’ are really something else …

Not entirely sure how this makes what Hunter did any better but … ok?

The same people who spent four years screeching about Russia (which was a hoax) are AOK with the president’s son taking money directly from communist China … and likely giving the big guy his 10%.




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