As far as we know, no one has ever accused CNN analyst and former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa of being too smart for this world. No one who isn’t drunk and/or a complete idiot, anyway.

Earlier this week, Rangappa lent her voice to the chorus of brilliant blue-checks trying to tie Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars to Donald Trump. And then yesterday, she lent her voice to the chorus of brilliant blue-checks trying to downplay the embiggening Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which has escalated to a point where not even the Washington Post can ignore it anymore. Here’s what Rangappa had to contribute to discourse surrounding Hunter Biden:

See what she did there? Then you’re way ahead of Asha Rangappa, because it appears to have gone totally over her head.

It hasn’t gone over Glenn Greenwald’s head, though:

Bless Asha Rangappa’s heart. She actually thinks she’s making Joe Biden look like the good guy here. And she thinks we’ll believe her because Joe Biden isn’t Donald Trump.

Anyway, while it’s not surprising to see this sort of BS from a paid CNN analyst, it’s nonetheless very interesting. Because there was once a time when mainstream media outlets actually gave a damn about trying to keep up the appearance of objectivity and professionalism, and all that has flown out the window.

Donald Trump was shamed by the MSM for disrupting and undoing sacred norms, but the media are just as guilty — in fact, even moreso.



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