Taylor Lorenz, who recently made the short leap from the New York Times to the Washington Post, has really come into her own in the past couple of years. As an incredibly annoying, obnoxious, and insufferable person.

She claims that people — especially men — hate her because she keeps breaking their brains with her hotness and pop culture brilliance. Which obviously explains why Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald have been gunning for her so hard. Never mind that Tucker Carlson has given no indication that he’s attracted to Lorenz or that Glenn Greenwald is happily married to a man. In Lorenz’s mind, only someone who’s really screwed up could possibly have a problem with her. And NBC News appears to agree with her.

Greenwald shared an email exchange earlier today between him and NBC News producer Aaron Franco, who was looking for a comment from Greenwald on the increase in people saying mean things about Taylor Lorenz. Because it must be at least partly Greenwald’s fault and have nothing whatsoever to do with Taylor Lorenz just being awful.

Greenwald indeed had a comment for Franco, but it didn’t include an apology anywhere:

“You’re actually imposing and upholding a highly regressive framework from the 1950s that maintains that only straight, white men are strong and important enough to be criticized, whereas women, LGBT and others are too fragile and weak to have their work criticized. As a member of various marginalized groups, I don’t want or accept some special immunity shield against being criticized, and no journalist with any dignity or worth should want that either.”

We do love a good mic drop.

We hope that NBC News prints it in its entirety.



Glenn Greenwald rightly marvels at professional journo-troll Taylor Lorenz for publishing ‘one of the most amazing media tweets ever’

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