Today the White House announced their plan to release a million barrels of oil per day from the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve every day for the next six months. President Biden then spoke and demonstrated why it’s too bad we can’t harness the power of gaslighting. Biden of course continued the pitiful attempt to push a “Putin’s price hikes” talking point while also blaming oil companies for not doing their part. Biden also said that consumers could save an average of $80 a month on gas if they’d just take on a car payment of several hundred dollars a month after buying an electric car. Apparently this administration really hopes everybody sucks at math.

Later in the day, Biden economic adviser Brian Deese made it abundantly clear that this administration has no interest in cheaper fuel costs for Americans:

Katie Pavlich knows what’s going on:

These Democrats want us in economic misery. Why? Because they care so much about ordinary Americans!

But cLiMatE ChANgE or something.

And yet they just don’t care.



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