The Biden administration is super stoked to announce that, after careful consideration, they’ve decided that the key to navigating the energy crisis is twofold: blame everyone but themselves (as per usual) and tap once again into our strategic oil reserve.

Wow! Amazing!

Hey, you may find that disturbing and ominous, but for what it’s worth, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is feeling pretty excited about it:

HISTORIC. It is indeed historic, Ron. Way to find that silver lining! No wonder Joe hired you.

It’s too stupid to not be real.

The really crazy part is that a lot of Democratic apologists and sycophants will see Ron Klain’s tweet and be busting out the Champagne and caviar to celebrate.

Nonsense. All the Biden administration does is win.

Seriously, Joe Biden just can’t seem to stop making history!

Can’t wait to find out what his next historic achievement will be.

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