President Joe Biden knows that it’s getting more and more difficult to convince Americans that inflation isn’t transitory and that gas prices aren’t going to keep increasing until no one can afford to drive to the grocery store to buy groceries they can’t afford.

What do you do when everyone knows you’re full of crap? You turn the gaslight up to 11, of course.


Do you know how much it hurts, Joe? Do you? Because we find that very difficult to believe. If you did know how much it hurts, you’d stop dodging blame and accept your part in it. And you’d stop pushing for policies that will absolutely make this crisis much, much worse.

Joe Biden has never been honest with the American people. Not once. Not intentionally, anyway. Our best bet at getting the truth from him is when he slips up and forgets the lie he’s supposed to tell us.

Ah, yes. The COVID pandemic. Hello, old friend. You and Vladimir Putin have a lot to talk about, what with being the two roots of high gas prices.

Good Lord, this guy.

He thinks we’re stupid … and apparently also rich enough to be able to afford to buy an electric vehicle like it’s nothing:

Come on, peasants! Surely you can scrape enough together for a base-model Tesla.

Abigail, you’re not considering the money that you’ll save when Joe Biden lowers gas prices anywhere from 10 cents to 35 cents a gallon:

With all the savings you’ll have from that, you’ll be able to afford that EV in no time.

In the meantime, it looks like it’s gonna be up to the oil companies to get us out of this:

What’s stopping the oil companies from doing their patriotic duty and lowering gas prices? Nothing, according to Joe Biden:

Except, of course, for the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

Families can’t afford food and gas because the Biden administration is sitting on the oil companies’ hands.

All this makes perfect sense to the Biden administration and the Democratic Party and all of their shameless apologists. But to the rest of us, it’s insanity. Just pure insanity.

It’s simultaneously crazy and not at all surprising that Joe Biden is asking for commitment from the industries he’s spent all this time demonizing.



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