The Nation’s Elie Mystal was on “The View” recently, and he called the Constitution “kind of trash.” Even Joy Behar looked a little stunned.

But we’re guessing that soon there will be many on the Left who might agree with Mystal’s take that the Constitution is “kind of trash” while nevertheless be defending the Constitution cred of Biden SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson as Republican senators such as Josh Hawley scrutinize her record on the bench.

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus said Sen. Hawley is signaling how “low” Republicans might go during the upcoming confirmation hearings. As for Mystal, he believes that such scrutiny is a threat to Jackson’s safety:

After what the Left did to Brett Kavanaugh, considering examining a nominees record on the bench as being akin to “trying to get her killed” is incredible.

In their world, that’s a totally fair and just approach.

MSNBC and CNN certainly take them seriously.



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