Many in the media have been working hard to give the Biden administration some gaslighting assistance while his approval rating continues to circle the drain. ABC News recently provided an update on “Putin’s price hikes” (a term that is the White House’s preferred narrative) and Politico is now reporting how Biden is remaining rock-steady amid hectic times:

Even North Korean state media would be telling these people to dial it down a notch!

Is this the same “at ease” president who recently yelled at anybody too stupid to realize what a great job he’s done?

Joe Biden is trying to get a historic Supreme Court Justice nominee confirmed while managing the worst military crisis in Europe since World War II. Those around him say he’s more at ease than at other points during his presidency. His Senate tenure, they add, is the reason why.

“Those around him” wouldn’t include Ron Klain, would they?

Either Biden’s detached from reality, or he’s hoping everybody else is:



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