We understand the instinct not to pick on the elderly. They’re old! They’re confused!

But sometimes, old people are just old jerkwads. And when that’s the case, they absolutely deserve to get picked on. So we’re going to pick on Joe Biden today. Because if any old jerkwad deserves to get picked on today, it’s Joe Biden.

Because, well, he’s an old jerkwad:

How many people do you suppose it took to craft a winning message like that?

You’re also too stupid to understand what causes inflation. At least according to our brilliant man-of-the-people president.

Honestly, Joe’s sick and tired of people blaming the government for inflation:

Get a load of this guy:

Our bucks are losing value every second, but he just keeps passing them.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

And don’t forget about the Wall Street bankers, of course. What with their holding up domestic oil production.

Joe needs to go.

We might feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a shameless liar. Senile as he may be, his mind hasn’t turned completely to Jell-O just yet and there’s no way he doesn’t have brief moments of lucidity in which he knows full well that he’s lying to us through his lying little teeth.

Was it ever on the rails to begin with? Not since before he was sworn in, at least.

We can’t say we’re disappointed in our senile president. He’s pretty much turning out to be exactly the president we believed he would be.

Congratulations, Joe Biden, on living down to our worst expectations.

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