Joe Biden really needs to find a narrative and stick to it. Whose fault are skyrocketing U.S. gas prices? We’ve heard plenty of explanations. A recent favorite one of the White House’s is that it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault.

Well, looks like Vlad is getting a bit of a reprieve today. Because according to Joe Biden, the culprit behind our energy crisis is — drumroll, please! — the bankers on Wall Street:

There is indeed an impediment to energy production in the United States. And he’s standing at that podium right there.

For eff’s sake, Joe.

Wasn’t President Joe Biden supposed to symbolize a return of leadership to the White House? To the country? We could’ve sworn that’s what we were told, but so far all we’ve seen is constant buck-passing. The only time Joe Biden takes credit for anything is when something good happens despite his best efforts.

We’re embarrassed, too. Embarrassed that anyone possibly could’ve thought that Joe Biden was cut out to be POTUS.

Hopefully at least some of the people who made that mistake will try to rectify it soon:

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