Politico Magazine has a new feature out profiling those rural Democrats who are “suffering in silence” because they feel alone and abandoned by the party. A quick look at Twitter shows us that Democrats and supporters of President Joe Biden certainly aren’t silent — they still can’t shut up about Donald Trump or January 6 or even Sen. Ted Cruz flying to Cancun during a winter storm. So we’re guessing this is real-life suffering in silence, when you’re the only person in the grocery store wearing a mask and just seething about it.

Christopher Cadelago writes:

In the pandemic’s darkest days, a man living across the street from a Methodist church in this small town raised a flag in front of his house emblazoned with the words “Fuck Biden.”

“We’ve never seen this before,” says Joanne Fitzpatrick, a Democrat from DuBois, running through a tally in her head of anti-Biden signs that still cover her town and surrounding communities. “I’m not a prude by any stretch, but it’s offensive. We’ve just never seen this level of vulgarity after an election — and so long after the election at that.”

“In a civilized society,” she added, “we just don’t do that.”

Is she actually serious when she says we’ve never seen this level of vulgarity after an election? We’re being gaslit already. It wasn’t so long ago “The Daily Show,” which deleted a tweet poking fun at President Biden’s State of the Union speech, did a segment asking if profane anti-Biden signs should be allowed to be posted in public. Clutch those pearls, Trevor Noah.

Here’s another horror story from red America:

Let’s hope she doesn’t see the meme floating around of “Let’s Go Brandon” spelled out in big letters in a craft store.

The CBC is using that hacked list to track down people who donated to both the Freedom Convoy and Donald Trump.

No wonder they were so supportive of lockdowns.

“For the better part of two decades now, the Republican Party has been formulating fear and really fear of others,” [Theron G. Noble] says. “We, on the other hand, keep responding with policies and we get into the weeds on arguments. We do not hit back at the visceral level that they’ve been targeting for a long time. It has just really made people into tribes.”



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