It looks like CBC News can’t quit the Freedom Convoy just like CNN can’t quit Donald Trump. “Journalists” jumped right on that list of Freedom Convoy donors that was hacked from the GiveSendGo website and spent days calling people on the list, noting that some of the responses were “aggressive.”

CBC News is still playing around with that hacked donors list and has cross-referenced American donors to the Freedom Convoy to people who’ve donated to Republican candidates, the Republican Party, or Donald Trump. The result is that half of the top 200 American donors had also donated to Republicans, which means that half didn’t. Sounds like a story.

CBC News reports:

A search of the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign finance database for 200 of the top American donations to GiveSendGo’s convoy crowdfunding campaign shows that 50 per cent of those donors have names and zip codes matching those of people who have donated in the past to the Republican Party, one of its political action committees or Republican candidates.

The names and zip codes of half of those Republican donors — about a quarter of the 200 convoy donors — match those of people who have donated directly to one of Trump’s campaigns or to one of the fundraising bodies that support him, like Save America or Bikers for the President.


And Canadians’ freedom.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his supporters so wanted the Freedom Convoy to turn into their January 6, but instead, it was families and bouncy castles. If they can tie the donors to Trump, maybe they can finally make that stretch.


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