File this one under stories we never saw under the Trump administration. We’re fortunate that we now have a saying we can use if we’re trying to avoid profanity: “Let’s go, Brandon.” But — believe it or not — some people are not fans of the Biden administration, and they’re hanging flags with naughty words on them outside their houses.

The Daily Show — allegedly a comedy program — actually did a segment called, “Is Profanity Protected By Freedom Of Speech?” compelled, of course, by those F**k Joe Biden flags one of the producers must have driven past. Suddenly the very edgy Daily Show is wondering if profanity should be allowed in public. No, really.

“The free speech debate” we never had when Trump was president.

Even the ACLU landed on the right side of this one:

Next, they’ll ask if whole stadiums of football fans should be allowed to chant, “F**k Joe Biden.”

Again, funny that an alleged comedy show is suddenly concerned about public profanity.

We noticed that The Daily Show’s Twitter feed has quite a few F-bombs on it — should that be allowed on social media?