On Thursday, the judge in the Jussie Smollett trial sentenced the former “Empire” actor to 150 days in jail, a $25,000 fine and restitution to police after being convicted of faking a hate crime in Chicago. Judge James Linn also gave Smollett quite a lecture before issuing the sentence.

So at this point are we just supposed to let politicians who used Smollett’s claims to forward political narratives off the hook? No, that shouldn’t be allowed. Defiant L’s has reminded everybody about what was being said by people who are now political “leaders” after Smollett’s initial claims versus the trial outcome. Let’s start with President Biden:


And of course Vice President Kamala Harris has earned a spot in this story:

Maybe some reporters can ask Biden or Harris about this in the coming days. Just kidding — that most likely won’t happen.

Yeah, Defiant L’s rocks.



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