Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has been found guilty on five charges for faking a hate crime in Chicago. All along the way, many in the media (not to mention Dem politicians and lib blue checks) covered themselves in more glory and proved yet again why they should never be trusted.

Instead of serving up a helping of contrition, CNN’s Oliver Darcy is taking a different and not at all unexpected approach:

The “Republicans pounce” approach never stops being pathetic, but this one is next-level.

Instead of just admitting they were helping push a narrative instead of reporting the facts, it’s easier for some in the media to just accuse those who noticed their hackery of seizing and pouncing.

It would be nice for the media to be introspective just once, but that’s obviously asking way too much.

That’s the revolving door of #Journalism these days.



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