Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mask lesson to a group of students has now been causing some triggering in the media and on the Left (pardon the redundancy) for three days now. In the video, DeSantis said this to some masked students: You do not have to wear those masks. I mean, please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything. We gotta stop with this Covid theater. So, if you want to wear it, fine. But this is ridiculous.

Now it’s Politifact’s turn to come to the rescue of the preferred narrative:

Is anybody surprised?

That’s how most “fact-checkers” work now. The entity Politifact should be fact-checking is the CDC, which has repeatedly shifted the goalposts and been in many ways discredited, and yet they continue to use the CDC as an infallible source to “debunk” Republicans. They will continue to do so, no matter how many times these government officials have been wrong.


“Nope that’s not correct because the CDC says otherwise” continues to be state media “fact-checking” on its laziest day. For too many fact-checkers, the “truth” is whatever the government wants you to believe on any given day.



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