Yesterday President Biden was joined by VP Kamala Harris in Georgia for a speech on “voting rights” that is in actuality a Democrat effort to federalize elections. Conspicuously absent from Biden’s address was Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Biden’s attempt to try and keep the focus off this administration’s many failings took another hit today, and his speech about “voting rights” has already been eclipsed by news of the worst inflation rate in four decades. However, Harris is still trying to provide a distraction, math-be-damned:

Whether it’s ending the filibuster or Biden’s dream spending and “voting rights” bills, no matter how you add it up, a Senate minority is not holding anything hostage:

As for the filibuster, maybe Harris should listen to her boss:

Harris also enjoys the filibuster when it helps block Republican efforts:

Biden and Harris either have zero self-awareness or are shamefully dishonest — perhaps “a little of both.”



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